V2. 14k gold heart connector clasp enhancer charm pendant clip

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Version 2 out now !! Rounded model. Solid 14k gold

These charm connectors are absolutely life savers and so useful.

I’ve always liked strong and stable clasps for my charms. As I was always paranoid that they wouldn’t hold and stay shut, I’ve added a safety latch one these for extra security 😂. Some charms are just irreplaceable and I wouldn’t want to loose them. I’ve designed these to be able to hold well at their tension points.

Modelled in solid 14k yellow gold. This heart shape clasp connector is a darling! Use them for pieces you like to interchange, use them as clasps to link your chains, use them as enhancers.. they’re multifunctional and modular. 

The clasp clicks shut when it closes and when the safety clasp closes. Super secure.

Size is approx 15mm height 15.3mm wide