18k solid gold Swallow bird talisman with pink heart sapphire charm pendant

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A cute little swallow modelled in 18k yellow solid gold to accompany you wherever you go. A wonderful talisman for a loved one or yourself even. This sweet swallow is carrying a natural pink sapphire heart. 💖 

Swallows are symbolic in many ways but I’ll share afew of my favourites! You know I love romantic motifs!

Swallows mate for life hence it was a symbol of love and loyalty/fidelity and peace. Also in the past when sailing was the most common means of travel, it was given to loved ones for safe travels. When a sailor spotted this land bird, they would anticipate land/home nearing. “I will return”

Approx length From beak to both tail ends 15.5mm.

top wing to bottom wing approx 11mm.