Ancient Gorgoneion drachm coin in 14k casing pendant

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A wonderful talisman charm for protection.

In love with these ancient coins and one of my favourite coins of all time.

An ancient silver coin framed in 14k solid yellow gold.

these coins are wonderful and have really great details considering their age.

you will receive the exact coin shown in the first 4 pictures. Medusa is well centred with her tongue out. Her features, eyes nose and curly serpent hair can be seen. The anchor on the reverse has also been struck nicely. The crayfish can be seen clearly. Please view pictures carefully. 

 Approx 14.5mm wide 


**** let me share with you a little history on these coins and why I love them so much ❤️ I’ve tried to pack as much info in the paragraphs below.

These Greek silver coins were struck in Thrace, Apollonia Pontica 450-400BC. Featured on the coin is Medusa, the only mortal among the three gorgon sisters. She has her tongue out with serpents around her. On the back of the coin is an anchor, crayfish 🦞 and the letter A(which stands for Apollonia), evidence of the importance of its maritime trade. 

Why do I love this particular coin so much?

The Gorgon and anchor are so powerful and symbolic. Be it the past or present. In Greek mythology, it is well known whoever gazed at her would turn to stone. Medusa with her snakes have appeared on shields, breastplates, pottery, coins, fashion pieces…always as protective totem or talisman against enemies /evil. What better way to protect yourself with this wonderful talisman.

The anchor is well known symbol of stability, steadfastness and calm.

With such powerful symbols in the front and back, coupled with the rich history behind this ancient coin, you can imagine why this is one of my all time favourite coins. 

Another fun piece of info: