Lock-it Locket collection : Small 14k yellow gold heart locket pendant charm

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Small locket heart shaped pendant. Locket will come empty (gems in the lockets are featured for photography purposes)

Love it? Lock-it!! (Get it?”Locket”) Yes, pun intended!😆

Heart shaped locket

fashioned in thick walled 14k yellow gold and hand faceted natural rock crystal. The make of the locket is so sturdy and substantial. 

The rock crystal is hand faceted and magnifies the contents of the locket beautifully. Place a sentimental picture, dried flowers or your own special gemstones in it, something that would be held nicely, close to your heart. 

the screw on closure makes it super secure and is such a nice touch to the pendant! The closure opens from the back like a trap door with a hidden hinge.

I’ve tried to feature the locket in different angles and lights. Please see all pictures. 

As the rock crystal is hand faceted and natural, please note that they may have some minute imperfections (eg:hairline scratches) and natural inclusions(eg:bubbles).

Each rock crystal is hand set too.

Please feel free to reach out for any other enquiries.

Small heart locket is approx 14.7mm at its widest.

as with all Jewelry, pieces should be handled with care.