Perfect Match: 14k gold mismatched ring natural tourmaline

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Introducing a new series of rings! “perfect match”

Featuring mismatched pieces that look so good together… the irony is not lost on this one! Who says you need to be exactly alike to match.. you can be different and still compliment each other.

It takes me awhile to find pieces that compliment each other nicely.. such opposites but look so great next to each other.. despite their mismatch-ness.. they’re still a “perfect match” don’t you think?

The colours on this ring is just so joyful! Imagine my joy when I had these two paired gemmy.. their colours are so different yet they go so well together, I’ll have a hard time letting this one go!

a lovely heart with a nice oval. Both natural tourmalines.

Wear her alone or stack up with another ring, she’ll look good! She has a nice sturdy shank.

colour is bright and cheery 

Approx 1.4ct heart,1.5ct oval.

currently a US size 7-7.5, can be sized easily