Smaller Rotations and Revolutions Pendant Charm 14k yellow gold with diamonds and natural stone

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This beautiful charm holds so much meaning to me! Read below if you’d like my take on it.. or attach your own sentiments to it💕❤️ 


Smaller version.

14k yellow gold with 4 diamonds. 
(approx 0.08cts)

Labradorite , please note that each labradorite is natural and will have some inclusions and different flashes.

ring rotates and spins around the sphere. That’s the fun part! 

Approx 15.5mm wide. 


- I dreamt this charm up after staring at some raw stone materials for my next project + finding an old vintage rotating car keychain while I was cleaning up my old stuff in my old house. So pleased she turned out so beautifully!

I think this charm holds so much meaning.. 365 days a year, 365 rotations around its own Axis and it takes 365 days to complete a revolution around the sun ☀️

24hours a day that’s how much time we have everyday and how much time the it takes for the earth to make one rotation. Everyone gets 24 hours a day but that 24 hours is different for every single one of us even so…

this charm is just such a beautiful and jarring  reminder to me.. we never know what will happen and with whatever time we have, we need to treasure it. Everything moves on but we have to grasp whatever we have and make the most of it!